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Wini's life in Mallacoota-ville: housewife-ing, husband, cat mothering, MA study in art history, daily adventures, collecting 'nice' lions, etc.

Rule Breaking Monday

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Merry Christmas from Daphne. (Taken with instagram)

Kim Kardashian news update: Olave style. (Taken with instagram)

Basket cat :) (Taken with instagram)

Sitting, sipping tepid water, and reading Jane Eyre with Charlie at the beach. (Taken with instagram)

Me and my BFF Charlie went beaching today. He does not understand the appeal of playing in waves (horrible, crashy, wet things that they are!) (Taken with instagram)

This week had been about quilting, spending quality time with the kids, and letting my ankle rule my life. (Taken with instagram)

Cuddling with a kitten (& she’s giving my arm a bath!) (Taken with instagram)

Wiggly puppy love instagram)

Making caramel slice. Again. Om nom nom! (Taken with instagram)

I’m not so good at heavy lifting, but I’m pretty good at bossing people around.
Ruthie Camden (Seventh Heaven)