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Wini's life in Mallacoota-ville: housewife-ing, husband, cat mothering, MA study in art history, daily adventures, collecting 'nice' lions, etc.

Rule Breaking Monday

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Glad I’m not in a tent this week. (Taken with instagram)

Early morning lounge on the cat basket (on the table at the end of the bed) (Taken with instagram)

Having a cuppa before a big day of cleaning (work), and reading some blogs with Charlie. (Taken with instagram)

Whipped up a new cover for my Kindle (finally using a fat quarter I bought when I dirt got my machine!) (Taken with instagram)

Reading trash mags and watching 7th Heaven by the window while I wait for my parents to arrive. (Taken with instagram)

There’s a cat on a box on the table in my dining table (dreaming of) eating birdie cake. (Taken with instagram)

Puppy knows his place. (Taken with instagram)

Daniel trying to convince Charlie to swim across Davis Creek, shortly after Dan had tossed him in the middle of the creek! (Taken with instagram)

Supervising shenanigans at the Yowrie River crossing. (Taken with instagram)

Me and Charlie at the Yowrie River crossing. (Taken with instagram)